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Thailand Buying Agent

I will try my best to find what you are looking for.

There shouldn’t be a problem with communication as I am English and have lived in Thailand for 18 years.

The cost of a buying agent

I charge 10% on the price of goods for this service.

I do not take a commission from suppliers and buy direct from source from only reputable suppliers.

What can a buying agent do for me?

I will be in constant contact via phone or email.

I can get samples made up of your own designs and can handle all packaging that you require.

Quality Control

Production inspections can mean multiple trips to manufacturers. Using our buying agency and our experienced quality control can greatly reduce the length of your product sourcing trips. We have expert control inspectors and we will be as strict as necessary to ensure that your goods arrive as ordered.

We have a full export license and all goods will be shipped under our company name.

All shipment documents are processed by us so you will receive them well before the goods arrive.

As a show of our confidence if docs arrive late we will reimburse you for any storage charges incurred at port.

We will hold samples of whatever you order ensuring that there will be no problems with reorders.

We are perfectionists and do not accept second best – see for yourself – try us once and we know that you will be impressed.

We will not let you down.

Do you need a buying agent?

As your buying agent we can help you manage your orders and find new products, allowing you to focus on selling your goods.

Contact us securely via the form below and tell us what you’re looking for:

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